Some Other Online Jobs That Can Make You Money Doing Surveys

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Mindfield Online

Opinion Square

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Global Test Market

Survey Spot

Dollar $urveys

Socratic Forum

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Online Job Opportunities

Ok on this page is where you will start to make to make money by doing surveys, viewing ads and much more. These are absolutely free jobs online and the are totally legit                         PHASE #1

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How To  Do Surveys

Ok let's make it simple shall we! Doing surveys is as easy as just answering questions. You may have to do some typing and of course in some surveys you even get paid to view TV ads and try out free samples of different products and services. Don't worry if you don't qualify for a survey for you will have alot more chances to complete more surveys TRUST ME!


Do not rush through the surveys this may get your accounts suspended.

How To Get Paid To Read Emails 

To get paid to read emails is as simple as clicking the ad link and waiting until the timer runs out this is usually between 5 to 30 seconds. You may have to click on an image in some cases to make sure you are paying attention. You must wait until it says video complete or the timer has run out or you won't get credited

Alert Changes As Of July 17th 2017

Ok now I want you to sign up for Clixsence first and follow these 3 steps. Repeat these steps daily and you will make money daily this include bonuses.

Before we can do any of these 3 steps you must sign up first so go ahead and sign up for these 3 programs just sign up right now and fill in your profile pages this is the longest part of the process after this step it gets much much easier and less time consuming.

Now let's start making money!!!

Now I want you to go ahead and sign into your Clixsence account and follow these 3 steps. This IS exactly how I make money on this site.

Step #1 login to you clixsence account and you will see X's with the titles  Tasks, Offers and Forum. All I want you to do is click on the forum page. Now you can leave comments or write a post if you wish but now let's go to step 2.

Step # 2 Now go  at the top of the page  on the left where is says Clixsence and click it. You should see the main menu page it should say Account Summary.  When you do this you can either watch 2 or 3 videos by going to the Offer tab clicking it and going to WEB EXPLOROR  You can also just do 2 to 3 surveys I recommend doing 3 web explorers or 3 survey I think that's what it take now. Once you do these go to step 3 this is the fun part  :)

Step #3 Go ahead and and click the Clixsence tab on the upper left hand side on your screen you should notice on your Account Summary that all you check list are done and you got your bonuses for the day! Now you can do more survey or do more tasks and everyone of them are now going to have a 20% bonus for ever one that you complete.


New:  There is now a cool new feature on inbox dollars as well. Now you can get paid to watch/stream TV right on you computer, laptop or cell phone must download the app it you want to stream TV through your smartphone and tablet though. You'll find the download app button once you login. All you have to do is login to inbox dollars click TV and just start watching. Recommended use Google chrome because it has Adobe Flash Player built right into the browser. You will also need high speed internet for best results because your picture may freeze up with lower speed internet service. You can always ask your Internet Service Provider if you have high speed internet through your cable or phone service.

Tip #1 When you are watching TV or doing other things through your inbox dollars account you see you have $500 to $1000 sweep steaks click on the sweeps tab and use your points to cash out and possible win anywhere from a $1 to $100. I think sometimes you will also be entered into a $1000 sweep steaks. GOOD LUCK  :)

Tip #2. Instead of trying to click ever single email in your inbox from these programs just login to each site daily. For example if your going to do things on Clixsence just login to your account and do everything that is recommended instead of just waiting to check each individual mail through your inbox. This will save you time and you will be able to make more money by doing so. Just sign up for the programs on the left hand side of this page if you are just signing up for the first time. I do not recommend signing up for any more because when you sign up for too many programs at a time it just overwhelms you. Now if you sign up for all 3 and you feel you can handle more jobs like this then go ahead and go to the right hand side of this site and sign up for more survey jobs. Yes you can make a part time or full time living doing surveys people all around the world do it why not you!!