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Welcome to the advertising page here you will find all different types of advertising to choose from

Phase # 2

Instant Cash Keywords

Get instant top notch keywords delivered right into your inbox for 1 low monthly price

All Website On This Side Are Like It Love It Or Your Money Back

All Sites have A No ?'s Asked 60 Day Guarantee 

Optin Pressor

Let your subscribers optin with just one click instead of manually typing in there email. Watch Free Video Now

Auto Blogging Software

Works great with blogger and word press

1 time fee no monthly subscription

Regular Price = $147 USD 

Your Special Price = $97 USD  save $50

How To Use Each Site For The Best Results 

Ok let get started with Clixsence

First you need to sign in before you can do anything or if your not a member you need to sign up. So scroll up click on the banner and login or sign up and then login.

Step #1 Login to Clixsence and click on the clixgrid tab or highlight  the tab and click on the link below where it says buy links. Now your going to see a Buy Clixgrd URL and you will see where to put the URL link. So now you just pick the link that you want this can be your site, blog, or any affiliate link. Once you pick the one you want you just copy the link and paste it where the URL fill in is. After that you just pressproceed to payment button it will be in red. And once your payment goes through your done!! That's why this site is #1 on the banner ads page under my video. Note: if you don't have the money you can earn it by doing survey, clicking ad, and so on till your account balance hits $20.00 Then you can buy with your account balance like you paid nothing!!

Now  How To Use Traffic Ad Bar

Ok here is how to use traffic ad bar not that hard trust me we'll take it by steps.

Step #1 Your going to click the banner above where it says traffic ad bar and sign up or if your already a member just login.

Step #2 Now your logged in your going to see your front page I want you to click the page above where it says advertising click it and you will see it say add another website. It might say primary website if your adding a website for the first time. The first site you put in will get the most traffic so make sure you pick the one you want to get the most traffic too.

Step #3 Copy and paste where it says type the url web address Note delete the lettering in this line before pasting the URL that you want put in.

Step #3 when you copied and pasted the URL of your choice just click  Add Website it will be the red button below. Most of the time it will automatically fill in the description for you but I tend to do a little editing. Once your done you click save it will test your webpage for 15 seconds and if it's good your done! You can add up to 5 websites as a free member and if you upgrade you can add even more sites.

Wanna get more traffic with traffic ad bar that is simple too. You just login each day click the tab where it says click here to earn pointsnow and you will see an ad and a 10 sec. timer on the left side. When the timer runs out you just click another ad at the top it will be in red. You can do this as many times as you want and the more you do this the more traffic you will get to your sites that simple!!

Ok Last but not least Donkey Mailer.

Ok this is really easy and of course it's free to join too.

First just scroll up and click on the donkey mailer banner and sign up or if your already a member just sign in it's free to join.

Second once your signed in just go to the advertising page and surf around and see what package works for you. If you don't have a banner to your site or affiliate link than you will want to pick an ad pack that doesn't require you to put a banner URL destination.

These are a few of the ad packs that I personally pick for myself 

0.25 cent Email, 5,000 clicks, timer: 15 seconds

​0.25 Cent Pre Target Email to all USA Members!

​25,000 Paid to Promote Guaranteed Visitors Worldwide

Email Madness

We Email For you you enjoy %100 of the profits

Content Professor

Type a few sentences and we'll spin a high quality article on your behalf watch free video 

PPC Web Spy

Secretly Spy On & Uncover Anyones Google-Adword Keywords While You Browse Google 

Search Engine Submitter

We'll submit your sites to the top search engines like Yahoo, Google, Ask And may many more.....

Socrates 4.0

Custom head and banner generator

Niche Blog Generator 


CB Press

​The Ultamimate Wordpess Plugin For Clickbank

Commission Robotic

You Can Use These TRAFFIC Robots too

Get Traffic To Your Website Or Link
Build Backlinks For You 24\7
Create Videos For You & Post Them
Create Content For You & Post It
Social Media Bookmarking & More...

Screen Flow Heros

Make TV commercial ready pages without the TV advertising budget


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